Microsoft has a huge range of Cloud services offerings like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS for build, test and Develop the latest technology and application. Being a Direct CSP Partner of Microsoft Azure, OrangeBytes Enables the Client to access the Azure Service for their esteemed organization, for deploying the applications to the Azure Cloud for 24*7 availability and better engagement. Some of the important Azure Service are listed Below:

Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual Machines are image service instances that provide on-demand and scalable computing resources with usage-based pricing. More broadly, a virtual machine behaves like a server: it is a computer within a computer that provides the user the same experience they would have on the host operating system itself.

Azure App Services

Azure App Service enables you to build and host web apps, mobile back ends, and RESTful APIs in the programming language of your choice without managing infrastructure. It offers auto-scaling and high availability, supports both Windows and Linux, and enables automated deployments from GitHub, Azure DevOps, or any Git repo. Learn how to use Azure App Service with our quickstarts, tutorials, and samples.

Azure storage account

An Azure storage account contains all of your Azure Storage data objects: blobs, files, queues, tables, and disks. The storage account provides a unique namespace for your Azure Storage data that is accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS.

Azure SQl

Azure SQL is a family of managed, secure, and intelligent SQL Server database products. it is built upon the familiar SQL Server engine, so you can migrate applications with ease and continue to use the tools, languages, and resources you're familiar with. Your skills and experience transfer to the cloud, so you can do even more with what you already have.

Azure Cosmos Database

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service. With a click of a button, Cosmos DB enables you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide. You can elastically scale throughput and storage, and take advantage of fast, single-digit-millisecond data access using your favorite API including: SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Tables, or Gremlin.

Azure Functions

Azure Functions allows you to run small pieces of code (called "functions") without worrying about application infrastructure. With Azure Functions, the cloud infrastructure provides all the up-to-date servers you need to keep your application running at scale.

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